Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Anniversary

Today - the first month in my new condo and two months,four days since this adventure began. My announcement cards have gone out for the most part. I am still getting mail with the old address on them - those pesky yellow stickers from the USP service to remind you to get the work done.

So what is great - laundry upstairs. It's great, while I retire to my suite, I can put in a wash and dry and have it done before finally turning in.

My get-away-suite. While it feels like a bit of a hotel, I like having the sparseness of it for now. I'll get focused on this space later this year.

One thing is that I've been able to pull out my crochet projects. Since I've moved in, I finished one scarf, have found the last prayer shawl that I was working on and now I can get that one done and to a needy patient. This should be my third one for this year. I unfortunately had the opportunity to make one for a dear friend of my just a couple of months ago. She is still undergoing her chemo therapies for about another month. It seems that the treatments are working and she's loving her shawl. Makes me feel all warm inside.

The garage - nice not to have my place all cluttered up and I can actually find and get to my tools and such. While the car hasn't spent a night in it yet, I belive after this weekend when the old condo get's finished painting and cleaned, I can then work or getting it neat and organized! I've seen some of the organization tools for the garage - rack system, peg board, shelving, etc. and of course some more paint! My neighbor Pam just did the floor of the garage - it is just great. Lots of great ideas to think about.

Office - this weekend will make it great and I'm looking forward to having it in better order. Lots to do work wise, and not much more in the organization area - looking good.

So overall, pretty good. This next month..... lots to do,

sweet dreams all.,...............

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