Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I guess this is settling in :) The announcements of my move went
out today. All 250 of them so far.

Each day I have been attempting to keep a bit of a morning routine, like watering the tomatoe plant, getting the paper, completing the upstairs routine before coming down stairs. Most of us don't realize the routines we have until we don't have them. In my last place, I could shower, answer email, pack a brief case, and get coffee simultaneously. Life on one floor does make it easier. Now with the three levels, it is a bit challenging, definitely more exercise.

A great thing that I have realized is the washer/dryer on the top floor. It is really nice to put in a small load just before bed and transfer it to the dryer before drifting off to sleep. Up until now, I've always shared these appliances with the other folks that lived in the building. We would have our prescribed times, Joe on Friday night, Tom on Sat a.m., Kim late Sat p.m. I would do mine during the week in the day time. Usually around Thursday. I somehow remember that Thursday was the day to do all the chores around the house. I remember Mom saying we need to strip the beds and re-make them.

Routine is fine as long as you aren't so rigid about it all. It has the opportunity to assist oneself in keeping a balance for the little items in life. Those can be part of a foundation, yet when they are changed, hopefully you accept the changes as welcoming in the new and retiring the old. I'm finding myself enjoying the new routine.

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