Friday, July 11, 2008

Overnight Guest

Today was a great day, lots to do with improvements and the arrival of my first overnight guest.

Ms Savannah arrived late this afternoon with brother Seamus in tow and of course Daddy ( my brother Mike). Seamus wanted to surprise me and wanted to know when he would get his own Aunt Patty sleep over since the last one (mine you the only one) he had to share with his brother Spencer. Now try and keep a straight face with this little guy being so serious.

Our first evening seemed to go well. Savannah became my helper as I was working on the mulch for the garden. It was time for dinner - mac & cheese and salad. She ate pretty good. She assisted in the cooking, made the salad, put in the olives, one for the bowl and two for her! I didn't see many olives in the salad bowl.

Then we cleaned up and I asked her to remeber to turn on the dishwasher when we leave the house later. So back to the mulch, I had received 2 yards of the stuff in the middle of my driveway and wanted it done before night fall. It now looks great, Savannah cleared all the cob webs from the shrubs, watered the new mulch, helped sweep the driveway. She was great!

Next on the agenda was to see my old condo. (Mine you the boys got to be in my old condo - so she had to be there too). We picked up a few more items and put them in the car; maybe we will paint a bit tomorrow, but the schedule looks pretty big with errands, chores, and assorted fun activities.

She is now an offical chic of the Turnpike - we took a drive over with the hot cars to Mortensens - local hot spot for Newington's favorite ice cream. Cookie dough for her, a sherbert for me. She is so entertaining. I am amazed of the level of her thoughfulness and willing to converse and discuss "issues" that face an eight year old.

After a phone call to say good night to Daddy and another call to Mommy, she was ready to get to sleep. The routine, jammies, teeth brushed, hair brushed and she could read for a little while. I finished some business and went up to turn off the light. She is such a peach! I'm having a ball.

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