Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's the 4th of July

It's Sunday on the 4th of July Weekend. On the 4th of April, I was in the thick of tax season; on the 4th of May, not much except I was really itchy to find a new place and dedicating that I would not spend another tax season at Woodsedge; on the 4th of June I was between the offer and closing; and now it's the 4th again. Happy 4th of July - Enjoy our Independence Day - celebrate our freedoms, Happy Birthday America.

This day is at the end of the last four days that were spent with the garage door, radon, packing and assorted unpacking.

Garage Door - b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ! I have a keyless entry system; a door opener for the car and a spanking brand new door - wow. It's Bright White and steel and insulated! It now makes the interior of the garage look a bit shabby. LOL There is going to be a painting party soon - I can feel it in my bones or should I say my aching muscles.

Radon - it was originally tested at 5.2 bad! Studies say it must be below 4.0; it is now, on average, 1.9! Yippee.... While there is radon everywhere, at least it is now being taken care of in the basement.

Carpet at Woodsedge - completed! It looks pretty good and matches pretty close to the carpet I installed last summer in the room next to it.

Packing at Woodsedge - my dear friend Julie and I went to town to pack up lots of the kitchen. It is almost complete, though I need to do another run at it to bring back the balance of the kitchen stuff. Tom stepped up and moved the boxes with his car over to the new place.

Unpacking - I've done so much of this in the last few days. I have renamed my muscles from "ouch" to "you really don't like me yet!" or "I told you we are moving - get used to it". I've been logging my steps and it is really impressive that I can do 5000+ steps and not leave my place.

In the midst of unpacking it has required me to be 'bob the builder', and I built a little bookcase for the kitchen to hold the cook books; built a lamp that Lesley left for me and now the 2nd bedroom has light!; built one of those mega size stainless steel shelving units and unpacked the stuff for storage area; re-hung a shelf in the garage to put my flower pots and gardening tools on it; organized the garage - nails and a hammer are great just so that I can get the "stuff" up off the floor; reposition the shelves in the book cases so that the many books can be unpacked.

I've almost cleared out the garage - it is my hope to be able to get my car in it by night fall! Just about all the stuff is out of it and into their respective staging areas. What's left is my studio/2nd bedroom; my basement/office; my dining area/kitchen.

Well .... more later, I need to continue to get it done! I've a terrific slave driver!

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