Monday, September 14, 2009

Beam me and my stuff up Scotty

My goodness - with today's age of all type of electronic gadgits, like 'in the cloud' and SaaS stuff, I wonder why the software developers are sitting around and not getting us new and more "user friendly" software to keep up with our lives.

I've been struggling with my Treo Smart Phone for too long. I've some 1000 contacts, use my calendar extensively, task list is important, and my notes are those little yellow stickeys I used to have stuck to my monitor are now all in my handheld phone device which is synced to my desktop. I was excited five years ago that I didn't have to carry my phone and my PDA, two separate devices. But this device - is slower than molasses on a February morning in New England. It's a memory problem and the "techies" can't seem to figure it out? Just recently when I was reviewing my "minutes" on my cell plan, and I'm up for a new phone - it seems that the phones out there do not have lots of memory? Duh moment?

Seth Godin's post The end of dumb software is right on point. As each of us choose to be "in touch" we need software and devices that will allow us to function so that we are not spending tons of time ($$) figuring out our techy gadgits. As I consult with small business owners, I need to have my gadgits working and working up to speed. Small business owners do not have the luxury of an enormous staff to take care of these items and do need the opportunity to be able to move ahead.

I'm so looking forward to the future to have more of my "info" at my finger tips or should I say lips, where it is all connected! Beam me up Scotty!

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Old Cable Guy said...

I hated my you know! I made the switch to the dark side and bought the apple I phone. An amazing ....easy to use....and I mean easy...Phone.

Great Applications....

make the switch.