Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Year Ago

Time seems to go by so quickly these days. My question is why? Are we that busy (a word I dislike so much)? What ever happened to those lazy afternoons of summer?

What were you doing last year? Here are links to some posts that you particulary liked:

Yes , it was only a year ago when Politics were hot and heavy. Then November came and we all took a breath as the citizens voted and made history - Is it over yet and did the fat lady sing? or Lipstick is Great! ..are a couple of thoughts going on at that time.

You Must Dance ..... a video and why not dance!

Friends of the Library - yes - the Fall Campaign! The Campaign Begins and the update at Campaign - Day 10
A quick current note - This campaign is about to end - we have reached the highest amount of "Best Friends" and at the highest per member giving level. Let me tell you.... Every member is an amazing contributor to the Friends in its mission to support The Lucy Robbins Welles Library

What were you doing last year?

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