Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog - more than one?

I've begun reading several bogs - some are fun - some related to my work - and others that are esoteric and just because you can read them. I get some ideas that percolate around in the grey matter until something pops out. One thing that gurgled its way up - is to re-start my other blog for my creative side. Not to worry, I will continue this blog as I have enjoyed learning to write (and proof read,) and find a voice in the writting world that is not filled with all numbers.

Creative Sources will be designated to those subjects about lace, thread, yarn, lace makers and the sorts. Of course there could be the sheep stories too! Since all of this may not be your cup of tea, I have set it aside yet only a click away. On the side bar - you'll see the link to Creative Sources. Stop by and see what is percolating there.

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