Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Customer Service

It does happen, good customer service, and when it does, it helps you feel restored in the human condition. Congratulations to Amsterdam as they get today's prize.

A little more than a year ago I puchased some pens for promotional purposes. A sleek medium blue, my name, etc etched on them and with blue ink. The pen writes really smooth, it's a click top so you don't have to worry about losing the cap.

Back in the thick of things in the 'season' my assistant, with abosulte certainity, put in another order - the price was great and with blue ink. When the order arrived, it looked good, and put them in the drawer. It's just about time that the first batch is running out. So break open the new ones - and to my dismay - it is black ink. UGH!

So I gave them a call - maybe they could ship out the replacement filler in blue ink? Nope that was not an option as the young lady on the phone in customer service told me. I gave her the order number and she looked it up - no problem she said, please write down your new order and they will be shipped out immediately. So the honest soul in me, so what do I owe, how do I return the other pens? Geez we didn't want to waste anything. No there was no extra charge, she said and apologized for the error so I wished her a great afternoon.

My blue pens with blue ink will be arriving soon. I'm smiling and loving the ease with which I could get it solved. Thanks again Amsterdam - You can continue to count on my business!

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