Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big E - Big Day in New England!

It was a great day at the Big E. After my volunteer hours in the Craft area where I demonstrated making lace I was free to enjoy the fair. So Jules and I began to look at the map and really began our day. We tasted our way around.... perogies, soft chicken tacos, some ice cream, cotton candy, a Sam Adams Octoberfest!, fried clam bellies, fish sandwish all very yummy!

Of course we went through the petting zoo, into the barns for the sheep, (wool sheep arrive on Friday for the next week) beef cattle, got the last peek at the Jerseys, ran over to the horse barn to wish the Connecticut girls good luck on the evenings "fit & show" competition, saw baby chicks born, I even held a 12 hour old chick - so cute. Then llamas, alpacas, bunnies and chickens and this momma pig and her newly born piglets! I was having a field day. Jules was taking it all in. If you haven't been to a big fair - the Big E - will get you a great education.

The vendors were there to hawk there goods from cowboy hats, to decals for your cell phone and everything inbetween. Then there was the parade and it was Connecticut Day! Governor Rell was there with lots of dignataries, lots of high school marching bands - all from Connecticut - Fife & Drum, the Govenors Foot Guard and Band were present along with our mounted police and even the Coast Guard band. It was rounded up with the clyesdale horses - magnificent animals - followed by the pooper sweeper :)

We began to slow down as the sun began to set, so back to a few shops, stopped to see the Sea Lion Splash, sponsored by New Alliance Bank - now it was so cute and we saw the start of the Madi Gras parade and I even picked up a necklace thrown from on of the floats.

It was a great day and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Even more special to me was the chance to introduce my good friend Jules to a favorite New England tradition.

And here's the last of the piglets!

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