Thursday, September 10, 2009

Borrow a book?

Interesting concept! We have these great houses of books, funded by public money (most of the time) and pretty much open to anyone - they are called libraries.

Earlier I was speaking to this newly graduated college student and discussing a blog I was reading that was right up her alley. She thought he was really good. So I asked her if she took it up0n herself to get a few of his booksyet ? Right away she thought that it would be good to run down to the local Barnes & Noble to shop for them. I asked her (and because she was not working yet) why not borrow them and test them out before dropping bucks on them. Any way she thought it was a great idea.

So if you need a book, want to try one out, why not turn to your Library. They have books-on-CDs, audio CDs, DVDs, WEs, magazines, newspapers, journals, and lots and lots of books. You can also download books to your iPod or to your computer!

With those couple of bucks saved - join the Friends of the Library and receive lots more benefits!

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