Monday, September 21, 2009

KC - a forever home

It's been four and a half months since KC moved in - formerly known as Adios. Her first month was a really me getting used to having four padded paws about the house and for her, that she needed to relax, unwind, and realize she could become a cat once again.

Since then, she's been left with a sitter that came in each day(thanks Jules). When I returned home, of course I woke her from one of her many naps and she kinda acknowleged my arrival. Nice? It was a day later that she began to follow me around and meow for hours. Ahh I guess she did miss me or it was a lecture?

Overnight guests (nieces and newphews) were here and that meant she didn't get to stay in the midday napping room. Though she did to seem quite well and it looked like either she was releved that the kids left or was wondering where I hid them as she went room to room looking. It was a good lesson for her to interact (though only a bit) with other people.

I've begun to learn the different meows that she makes, like the dish is empty, I want food, the scared meow, and when are you going to stop working, that one is more like a demand! Though when she purrs - it is grand. She has just begun a 'talking' sound. It's this noise that my old cat did it when he was excited to see the chipmunks. By the way - she snores, wakes me up, like a freight train!

This week we had to go to the Vet to discuss some food issues. Very tramatic to put her in the box and drive over to the office. I heard meows that I never hear before, she was panting and scared. She may be remembering the trip to and from the shelter? Once to the office, she calmed down, allowed the tech and the vet to do anything they wanted without a peep. What a good good ole girl!
Having a nine year old cat has it's challenges. Now that she arrived here and is enjoying the good life, she's put on weight - a good thing. Yet there is too much of a good thing LOL! and she needs to lose a pound and a half. When she got here she was only about nine pounds and you could see all her ribs. Now - with living here, she weighed in at a solid fourteen pounds! So here's the plan - This week we are trying to see if feeding her less kibble to deal with the digestion (or lack thereof) has helped, next week the teaspoon of wet food will be changed with ID wet food and the week after that, the dry food will be changed to 'diet' dry food.

So life here is just lovely. Miss KC hangs out with me and seems to enjoy her new home (me too!). While the beginning was a bit rough - the trust building stage - I would recommend to anyone, please consider adopting an older pet. They need loving forever homes too.

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