Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Nano

Ok, I'll admit that when it comes to this little devices, I'm behind the curve. My brothers will make fun of me when I was just out of college and the only device I had was two clock radios - one for the bedroom and one in the kitchen/dining/livng area. Of course they had to solve that problem and gave me a wonderful tuner. Yes I still have it and it works fine.

When the nanos first came on the market I was a bit impressed. You could rip your music cd to your computer and then load the music onto the device. The only music you could listen to was what you put on it. Hmmmm, I said scratching my head - but what if I wanted to listen to the radio? My old (and still works really well on 2 aa batteries) portable cassett player has a FM tuner in it. By the way I do have a portable CD player but not a portable tv nor a portable DVD player but I do have a laptop. And if I had to carry this stuff all around - not a good thing!

What I didn't like about these little devices is that you needed ear buds to listen. With my ear event, wearing ear buds (plugs) is really not an option and is detrimental to my hearing.

Ok back to this new and improved device. It has a FM radio (been told only good receiption outside), a video camera, a microphone, speaker (yeah!)and some one in the marketing department got them to put a pedometer into the gadgit.

You can click and dial on this little baby, then sync with your computer it will sync with your iTunes account. Now your talking real convenience! There are several versions of iPod MP player.Take a look, I think there is great potential available.

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