Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falls into place - WOW

Sometimes it just falls into place. Windows of Opportunity are everywhere. Even when you are not looking for the proverbial "IT" somehow the karma out there just honed in on you.

Back when I moved into my place, I had the dilemma of not enough storage in the kitchen/dining area. So I tried this and that, gave up on the third idea though the "this" still seemed to be good. Couldn't decide - and pressed the "hold button". Before you know it, the winter came and went, spring flew by and then the rains and more rain. Just recently, I came into a small used cabinet. Pretty solid, top that can be used as a serving area or just for show. What is best is that it is deep enough to place my largest platters into it! Viola! WOW

I'm somewhat relieved that was done. Now with a little more PMA I stopped at one of the stores on the Tpke to see if any other 'decorating diva' was on the loose and could assist me to finish the corner of the dining area. Oh my goodness the "this" (sideboard pictured) is still at the store. I remeasured it especially the inside dimensions (as I don't need as deep a cabinet now) and will be checking out the space. It's 16.9 cubic feet of heavenly storage and I could finally get the last two boxes of my stuff made useable. How exciting is this!

Ok I'm a bit carried away on it. Let me sleep on it for a week or so. The new sale is beginning Oct 4th and it could go on sale! WOW

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