Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you Readers

Hi all,

Thank you all for reading my blog. It's celebration time. My counter has exceeded the 3,000 mark. Not that I am counting, (the accountant part of me is ) though with a rough start, learning to write more, and in a fluid fashion, has been a great journey to get to this moment.

It was only back in May 2008, that I wrote my first blog entry here. I had tried it back as far as 2006, though I just couldn't get the writting juices going. I will give credit to my brother Pete's blog and to my niece Taylor's blog1 and blog2 that inspired me to get out there and write.

A friend of mine mentioned the other day, "i don't know how you do it". I can only say is that I tried, practiced, have received 'help' from reading the what and how of other bloggers. The blogging community is amazing group of folks who enjoy writing. I've learned lots about technology, found great reads and some great information that I'll be able to use going forward.

So Thank You Very Much..... see you tomorrow :)

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