Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Communications or Communicating ?

That's the question today. We have lots of communication devices and methods. Beginning with IM, iPhone, cell phone, regular phone, Skype, email, video mail, audio mail, all sorts of chats to just name a few. Then the social networking methods of staying in touch - FaceBook, Linkin, YouTube, and Twitter when you only have 144 characters or not much to say.

It was interesting when my niece was visiting. We were laying around (in person) talking about her life. She was mentioning that she had enjoyed the Skype sessions we have had and I asked her, "what about the regular phone?". She explained that the computer was a preferred method, and when she was with some gf's (girlfriends) there was this silence. What were they to do with the silence as it was a bit uncomfortable.

How profound a thought. Enjoying someone's company doesn't mean it needs to be filled with "noise", it does mean that spending time together - how ever it may be, should be enjoyable. Some of the best time I had with my gf's is the quite time between the conversations.

So are you communicating or just using communications?


Denise Foley said...

Let me guess... jessica?

PattyCPA said...

Nope - try again!