Monday, November 17, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Good to me!

It's raining out.  My to do list - like many - is way toooooo long.  Stuff is the problem - too much of stuff - good stuff and junk stuff.  The garage was first on the list.  It was getting colder and I need to put the car in it or I'll be scrapping snow!  In the past two days, I cleared out two closets that became a danger area - LOL.  Then came the 2nd bedroom, guests are coming next week.  Nothing like having a deadline and company that will get you to get up and move.

I found this challenge at Minimalism is Simple quite some time ago - like 11 months ago?.  It's called Minimalism is Simple.The printout of the challenge somehow got put in a pile - and was unearthed this past weekend when I said to self  "Self - this is enough.  I'm not waiting for "New Year's" - I'm begining today".  In one month, a simple 30 days.... from now, I'll see a better place - home and office, and am planning to have a neighbor gathering over the holidays!  So there my lizard brain, thanks Seth Godin, I'm moving forward.

Today's Challenge - Day 1 -  Place one Item a day into a donate box for the next 30 days!

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