Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day Two - Junk Drawers

Junk drawers.  I guess some of us have them. Living in small places, meant that one needed to be better at what you kept.   Knowing what you have and what you need to have is part of this minimalist challenge.  So first thing - I took an inventory of drawers my home.  The kitchen has 4 drawers- one for silverware, one for cooking utensils, one for baking utensils, and one for the 'home office'.  Each of them are dumped at least twice a year and restraighten out.  Oh yes - the drawer under the stove which contains those baking pans, etc.

The Guest Bath has three drawers.  One to keep the extra rolls, another for deodorizer, and one for femine items.  The master and hallway baths upstairs contain no drawers - go figure?!  As for the balance of upstairs - no other drawers except for the clothes dresser and night stand.  In the studio, known as the 2nd bedroom, there is another night stand - it's empty, a dresser in the closet (2 drawers for any overnight guests and 2 drawers for my beloved threads.  Lastly, there are two craft type tables with drawers.

I think I found the drawer(s) - the craft drawers.  Here they are!  It took a little less than an hour.  Dumped each out and reorganized, found that items were here that needed to be there, and vice versa.  Oh my goodness!  The one on the left was a bit of a challenge. Found several craft projects never completed - hmmmm?  Found a kids present, a whole box of colored pencils and a sharpener.  Items that should be in the supply closet... and filled a whole bag of trash.  A bonus was the cart on the right.  the bottom drawer had items that are now in the bottom drawer on the left - more logical. So the bottom drawer - now empty, I was able to put in my little sewing basket.  Now that is not on the shelf and books you see above are on the shelf.  By the way - the yellow tags specify what is stored in each drawer.  I'll make up fresh tags for both drawers.

In the donate box for today - two pairs of eyeglasses.

Today's Challenge - Day 3 - Recycle one item beyond repair.

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