Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 4 - Tackle the Guest Room

You should have seen the room last week - a mess.  You could barely walk into it.  I spent time over last weekend clearing it up because I was having a guest for Thanksgiving week.  That's when I found the printout of the minimalist challege!

I must admit that Guest rooms are infamous for serving double, triple duty in many homes today. Sometimes it is a family member on an extended stay, or a place for the kids to stay when they 'visit', or our home office - all in all - it is some type of space.  It accumulates our stuff.  It's a place not visited very often - filled with "we'll get to it later" items.

My Guest room does double duty.  One for overnight guests (though I would love to hide the bed in a murphy) and for my studio.  Yes, my studio, for my crochet and lace endeavors.  I admit, it does have "stuff" in it that does not have anything to do with either purpose.

So for my challenge, I will move the studio stuff out of the guest area of the room.  Studio stuff will need to be another day.

First to tackle - Items on the bed - yes I put them away in the big chest - easy as I had space for them - image that!

Second, the closet on the left!  I found a carryon and a duffle bag that could go.  Found flatened boxes, items that could be gifts or giveaways, and a empty box I don't know where it came from - recycle.  The one item not put back - box of potions that I use for traveling - really it's the size of a file box?  I'm also considering a garmet type bag - very heavy that I haven't used in ----ahhh I don't know how long.

Third - the items under the desk - yes more studio stuff.  Geez - you'd think they were multiplying everywhere - I'd like to think that though I know I just haven't been paying attention, being present in the day and having a place for each item.

~~~ time passes ~~~ oh my goodness - I looked under the bed!  I found my hat, a bag with some blankets, a mess with the wrapping paper that seemed to jump out of the box that it was in.  Isn't always the way....  start one project and it begins another project.

Wow - what a difference a few concentrated hours can make.  I feel a bit ruthless and it feels really good.

Donate box----- package of new color pencils and pencil sharpener.

This was a great day - thanks Denise and Aly Sanger at .

Today's Challenge - Day 5 - Donate one bag of clothing to those in need - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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