Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 10 - Take an hour just for ME!

Wow, an hour just for me.  No technology, tv, etc!

I enjoy cooking and entertaining.  So I will spend the hour and a little more, to go through my collection of cookbooks and idea folder!

They currently occupy the three of four cubbies on the far left had side of the cubby in the kitchen.   I go through spirts of looking at them and not.  When I feel like I need a new recipe, I often look on-line at one of the hundreds of places now available.  So a good question, why have these books?

Back when I was younger, I purchased recipe cards, the McCall's Great American Recipe Card Collection.  They came in packets every several weeks.  You could put them in a box with dividers and you were the 'master' of the kitchen.  I moved them out of the box and put them in a 3-ring binder so I could flip through to find ideas.

There were subtitles of Memorable Summer Meals, The French Touch, Contemporary Cooking to name a few.  Taking pictures of food today vs yesterday - what a difference.   All the ingredients were fresh and  no artificial items used.

After going through those cards, I took the white notebook out.  That is where I put a recipe that is given to me and a place to put "ideas" I read about.  I am so excited, I now have a list of what is in the book, the 'ideas' are now gone through and about 1/3 of them are eliminated. Guess they were not that 'good' any longer.  The balance of the 'ideas' are in a folder that can be easily browsed when the spirit moves me.

Bonus - now seven out of twelve cubbies are cleaned out!

Day 10 - Accomplished - and inspired as to what I'd like to cook!   Donate Box --  Inspiration for other cooks - books from my collection will be donated to the Library for their next book sale.

Today's Challenge - Day 11 - Clean out the toy chest  - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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