Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day 5 - Donate a bag of clothing to those in need

Today - unlike the first days of this challenge, I had to be up early and out of the house for an appointment.  Then it was my master mind meeting.  I look forward to this hour I have each month with a great friend to do our "successes, challenges and goals"; more on this another day.

I need to donate a bag of clothes.  How appropriate that this is a time of Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful that this challenge I wanted to do is now happening.  I was told last night --- ' everything has a reason.... and there are bigger things for me to accomplish'.  You know - we need to be aware of opportunities and we can only accept them if we are open and aware of what is going on around us.

So off to my closet I go.  It is amazing how this little space can be so full.  The pictures above are the before look.  Now while I only need a bag of clothes - I may as well be a bit ambitious  and empty the closet and re-hang it.  As I put items back in, I found clothes that I haven't worn in several years, several space bags with clothes in them and piles of tee shirts, pjs and sweaters etc on the top shelves.  The elves mess up the closet at night! :)

Before long, a pile of clothes began to accumulate on the floor and all those white plastic hangers!!  Oh my goodness.  In the middle of doing this, my baby brother calls and puts me on hold.  While waiting on hold - I was able to do the second half of the closet.  I can be a bit fussy about my closets.  The clothes must be organized by type, i.e. pants, shirts, dresses, etc and then I want them organized by color and/or season.   A few years ago, I had Santa bring me matching velvet hangers - the skinny ones that take up less space.

I'm really pleased - the closet is cleaned and once laundry is done later tonight, all will be in it's place and looking good.

Now I'll fold up the clothes, make a list for the donation, and get them delivered to the donation center - one place will take clothes and the other place will take the hangers.  I still need to look over the vacuumed space bags.  So I may have another bag to donate.

Lesson learned, or should I say re-learned......  I need to look through my wardrobe on a more regular schedule.  Maybe

on the smoke detector battery schedule which is generally in the spring and fall.  Place it on my electronic to-do's for those months?

Success for Day 5's Challenge!

Item for the donation box......  white plastic hangers!

Today's Challenge - Day 6 - Declutter your dresser - and - find one item to put in the donate box.  

If you are following along with the original listing - I'm reversing the order of Day 6 and 7 as I will not be home for most of the day.  

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