Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 13 - Opt out of store email offers

EMAIL offers - errrr.  So many times we have to sign up for a newsletter, daily specials, or a host of email that we don't necessarily want.  Somehow there is this silly badge of courage of how much 'stuff' you get in your inbox.  Maybe in some way you feel some type of connected?    Connected to an email server that collected information about your reading the email or if you click through?  You call that connected?

What I have done - I use several email addresses.  For each charity group I work with, I set up email address just to use with them.  That way their emails stay separated and I don't get distracted with them in with my work related email.  I send the personal stuff to another email.  This is shopping stuff, updates from various companies, and my phone messages that get transcribed via the cable company. 

So is it confusing?  Not at all.  In fact, it has help tame the inbox(s)  Since I use GMail for most of my emails, the powers to be of GMail do help sort my inbox.  So it's Primary Tab, the Social Tab and then the Promotion Tab.  There the items on Social are my linked, facebook, and twitter feeds; the promotion tab has many of those pesky email offers.  I must say the Gmail does a pretty good job in separating the information out.  It makes it easy to look at a tab, glance it over, and trash it as needed.

I must say you need to continue to monitor what you have sent.  So today I looked over the items being sent as promotions and unsubscribe to several.  Then changed the frequency on other offers from daily to 'specail' only.   I really like the company that is thoughtful about spamming the heck out of you ~or~ let you choose how frequently you want their information.

For the pesky items - I have filters set up so that if a particular email comes in, it skips the inbox and goes in it's folder.  I can then review them as needed.  And to keep on top of life - I sync my email with my smart phone.  That feature has saved me several times.  So Happy Emailing to you!

Success for Day 13 - Yeah great to keep only the email I need.  Item for Donate box - five little tins I'm not using any longer

Today's Challenge - Day 14 - Turn your bedroom into a place of relaxation - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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