Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day Three - Recycle

Yesterday's task is easy.  When I was clearing up the garage I noticed items that I could not deal with and left them there. "Oh I'll deal with it another day", I said.  Really haven't we all done that hundreds of times.

It's about decision making and having a clear goal of what we want out of life.  In this challege, I'm going to explore the 'clear goal'.

I've had this popcorn maker since college.  Tons of late nights we all met and hung out and watch TV, talked or gossipped and had great popcorn.  

It has a round bottom, needed to get a substituted cover. There is no switch - it's either plugged in and on or unplugged and off.   There is an electrical short in the cord so in order for it to work, you needed to prop up the cord. If my electrician brother reads this I'm sure to get a lecture!  It's ready to recycle. I'll take it to the transfer station this weekend. 

Balance of today - find an item to donate.  Found it!  Three three-ring binders that I do not need any longer.

Today's Challenge - Day 4 - Remove the items you're storing in your guest room - and find one item to put in the donate box

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