Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 6 - Declutter the dresser

This is like a buy day.  My dresser - it's like a charm - one of the best kept spaces I have!  It's easier as I hang many of my clothes.

Picture on left is before,  the right is after picture ob the bottom drawer.  All those scarves!  Now they are rolled up so that I can see them all.  Yes, I did find a couple of items that could go elsewhere, few scarves that needed a rinsing and I found another eyeglass case  - time to donate.

Today - it was the day with my housekeeper.  Yes a housekeeper - once a month, what a great investment in my time.  This month due to our respective schedules, she came on Saturday instead of our regular Thursday.  She was so surprised of the improvements I made to the closet and to the Guest Room.

We have our assigned tasks.  I'm incharge of putting things away, therefore she can clean.  With this day's challenge, I wanted to continue some of the new tasks that popped up because of the first five days.  We did some extra cleaning, truly makes a difference.

I also got a bonus done.  She helped me put up the poinsettia garland on the hallway banister.  I was going to do it over Thanksgiving with my house guest - kinda do a deck the halls evening and decorate and enjoy the upcoming season together.  Unfortunately, those plans changed.

Today was the perfect day.   Day 6 Accomplished!

Today's Challenge - Day 7 - Clean up your mail - and - find one item to put in the donate box

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