Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 12 - Donate items you're holding onto "just in case'

This day's Challenge made me think.  What do I have that is for "just in case"?  I wish I was at my Mom's house.  She is always saving items, more than she nor I nor my nieces and nephews could use in our lifetime.  I did help her unload lots of scrap paper, pens and pencils, assorted items for the no longer  shop/office.  What was the best part - it went from a cannot work on the surface of the desk to be able to work ---- now, some four months later, items have been given away and she is maintaining her desk.

Earlier in my challenge I cleared out a closet that had travel items in it.  I had moved the small bottles, supplies, etc to the bathroom shelves as it would be better there.  That's where I go to back the lotions and potions when I pack - good idea!  Ah ha, I'll use that space as for my challenge today.

So off to the bath - on the left, the Before picture and on the right the the After picture.  I didn't realize that missing from the Before picture was several more bags of 'travel items'.  As it seems, I also needed to clear up the entire shelving unit in the bath.

I don't have any closet or cabinet in the bath - yea I know - crazy 'cheap' builder.  I learned on my last move - I needed to clear up some clutter in the bath.  My house stagger was a bundle of great ideas.  One was to get one of those organizers you hang on the back of a door.  Oh my goodness - I found more of the same - that counts up to three places items were stored!  Shame on me :)

Travel is different today - often times I'm boarding a plane; other times it is a road trip. The former has limitations today - the latter, well heck it doesn't matter as you are not lugging it through an airline terminal.

Out of date items were disposed and recycled; like items put together; all the 'potions and lotions' are now at my reach and will use them up; and then the 'stuff' was disposed of as it no longer served a purpose.  There must be a dozen or more of potions and lotions - my goodness, glad they are now going to good use.  PS - there are empty slots in the door organizer!

What I am finding by being in each of the day's challenge, I'm becoming a bit more aware of my surroundings and how to create a more organized and now more peaceful space - with less stuff!

Success for Day 12 - Donate box -  I did find a small leather purse that I received some time in the past.

Today's Challenge - Day 13- Opt out of store email offers - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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