Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 14 - Turn your bedroom into a place of relaxation

I was distracted most of yesterday in planning for a party - see blog post Cousins Party.  

As to my place of relaxation - I thought about it yesterday.  Relaxation to me means quiet time.  Nothing special; sometimes some yoga, sometimes some just plain sitting and being quiet.   I find that when I work on my craft, I find that is relaxing.  Earlier in the challenge - I found an unfinished Christmas project.  I was going to do them with my nephew - that didn't happen.  So I did began to complete the project.  This is the first one.  It is so simple and it's kinda homey, handmade, and simple.  

Envisioning what my room feels like when it is the most peaceful; generally, it is after the housekeeper has visited.  Ah ha - so this morning I took out  a different spread, removed the bedding, gathered up the bit 'n pieces re-littered around the room, and Viola!    I've worked on different aspects of this room during the challenge, like the dresser drawers and the cabinet in the bath.  It is now coming together.  It came together so quickly - thinking/planning does save time.  

 The stuff was moved to the guest room - I know, I know - the guest room is for guests.  Some of it was various projects, piles of books, and just stuff.  In this Challenge I feel that I just moved items from one place to another.  I am looking to move some of the items out of the guest room this week. 

This room needs some decorating for sure.  For now - the relaxation has been restored to the room.  

Day 14 - Accomplished!  - Item for the donate box - old waffle iron.

Today's Challenge - Day 15 -Sleep on it - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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