Monday, December 1, 2014

Cousins Party

Yesterday was Day 14 - turn the bedroom in a place of relaxation.  Relaxation can be many things to many people.  For me, it is a chance to have quiet.  Quiet time is special - I don't need to be doing anything.  Just me and the quietness of the day.   I really didn't do much about it yesterday - except think about it.  

I was distracted about the cousin's party that I am hosting this January.  Many of the ideas for this "event" I thought about were not feasible due to time of year.  Yes, the third Saturday which makes this weekend a three-day-weekend due to MLK holiday celebration.  This is the 27th year (I think) that my first cousins (and spouses) have gotten together.  It started after my grandmother Nat Nat passed away.  At first - it was before the Christmas celebration to share with each other our decorated homes.  Only the first cousins - no adults (our parents) and no children.  Then that became too much, so it was moved to January.  After fiddling around with what weekend, it is now the third Saturday.   

When it started - it was a get together at each of our homes.  A pot luck type event so no one host was put out. We visited talked, played games.   Then we did an overnight  somewhere around year ten.  Now it is a big overnight event, at some attraction event, such as casino.  It's become expensive night out and not all of the cousins can or wish to attend.   The visiting has become the least part of it.  

I'm one of nine (which includes my brothers) and the oldest of them all.  I've never married, nor turned out a host of children- the count is at 21 and this 2nd generation cousins are now having babies!  My path has been so different and good for me. 

I started working on it in spurts - day of searching and making calls since the summer.  I knew that I wanted to do  - go back to the way we spent time together.  The previous hosting I did was dinner out, private room, cocktail hour with a guest magician to do slight of hand tricks.  We all visited.

Yesterday I went to see a place - hmmm  what a great idea - inspiration has happened.  A friend of mine put me on to it (thanks Pam!); more later when I firm up the plans.  It will be interactive - we will be going back to a simpler time.  

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