Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 21 - Keep only the necessities in the Kitchen

Yes - no clutter in the kitchen.  Stuff not being used needs to go away.  This is a picture of the kitchen.  It's a small space in compared to the galley kitchen I had at my last place.

So last night I was going through a cabinet to find something - geez.  It's time to go through each one, again!

I was speaking with the girlfriend today about her party this Friday - need to know if there is kitchen privileges.  We got on discussing my "dedication" to sticking with the Challenge.   It's really not difficult.  I believe that most items are not difficult when you make up your mind to take care of matters.

During the breaks of piecing together video, music and pictures, I worked on a cabinet I started from last night.  It is now wonderful - items labeled so I can find them.  Containers not being used are now in the donate box.  In the same breath, some of the kitchen stuff is in the garage, and will a bit of rearrangement, I have more space there and the crock pot has now re-found it's home there!

Successful Day for one kitchen cabinet.  I'll set the balance of the cabinets for the next go-around.  Items for the donate box - extra containers I don't need.

Today's Challenge - Day 22  -  Clear Your Floors - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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