Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 19 - Virtual Disconnect - Day 2

So here we go for Day 2 of virtual disconnect.  It's quite chilly this morning at a brisk 29F though the sun is shining in an absolute blue sky.  

Disconnecting is getting back to "old school".   In the summer, I sit out on my front stoop to enjoy different parts of the day, talk with neighbors and smell my garden growing.

Disconnecting allows me to re-acquaint myself to what is around me.  This minimalist challenge is making me look around!  I am stopping and looking about my surroundings more in the last two plus weeks. 

One of the organizations I volunteer for will not be meeting this month.  So I decided that I could give myself a jump on the next month and take care of my paperwork and items I need to complete. 

All was going well, so excited as I checked off the items to do until I had a visitor stop by.  That was when I noticed the two gifts that I was expecting arrived and were sitting on the front steps (?).  Two digital picture frames!  

What a quandary  - I'm suposed to be disconnected and now I need to get this loaded!  I'll be seeing both of them separately next week.  

Okay - I'm accepting what I need to do.  Taking a deep breath - move on.  

Somewhat successful - Donate box....... geez - need to look around some more!  There is plenty in the place that needs to go away.

Today's Challenge - Day 20  -  Virtual Disconnect Day 3- and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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