Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 18 - Virtual Disconnect - Day 1

First day of these three days of virtual disconnects.  We know that it is important to disconnect from the computer and interenet from time to time. This disconnect time is to work on ourselves - stretch, rest our eyes, and spend time with friends and family.

Some of the disconnect is difficult with my hectic work schedule.  In this part of the challenge, I will spend time with my friends, stretch some - get up and move around, and feast my eyes on those items that continue to awaken the inspirtation within - not on a computer screen.  This is not a challenge just for these three days - it is a way to live our lives.    

This challenge, almost two-thirds complete has had me focus on my space, whether it be a corner, a room, or just some visual part of my environment.  I was ready - and this challenge, call it a teacher, came along at the right time. It's like the first blossoms in the spring, the ah ha moments as the plants peep out of the ground after a long winter's nap.  In my case - I was on a mad merry-go-round.  That ride has had it consequences that have affected me, NO more.  

I will continue to post daily, as it is a practice that I have been missing in my life for awhile.  Life has been too crazy - that's my fault.  

I got a jump on this by visiting with a new friend.  We met this past summer with the campaign against the referendum (we voted it down!) and have been crossing paths at meetings and on-line.  What a nice time, we could have talked all night.  Last night we had a meeting at the NCTV studio to discuss metadata.  You may be thinking - what the heck?  Yeah but it is the brillance of the folks there that get the creative juices flowing.  I even learned how to put the connectors on a coax cable!  It worked - I'm proud. 

A short post  - see you later as I get on with day 2 of the virtual disconnect !  

Disconnecting Day 18 - great!  Item for donate box .....

Today's Challenge - Day 19  -  Virtual Disconnect Day 2- and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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