Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 27 - Every item has its place

..... Every item has its place....  I've been looking around my home and office and find that "function of the place" is where I have been challenged.  This phrase has been found in literature dating back to the 17th century and it is still true today.  

The statement's underlying assumption is that the place is perfect in form and function. Accepting that it is only 'perfect' at that moment in time, this exercise has reawakened my consciousness .  Some moments are longer than others.  Doing the best at this moment is what this is about.

What I have been enjoying during this Challenge is that almost every place has been explored.  I've questioned the place, reason for the item in the place, how the item serves me or how I serve it, and does either the item and/or space enhance my life's journey. 

Day #14 make the bedroom into a place of relaxation has been a blessing.  This morning, it took a few minutes to put clothes in the hamper, rehang those that were airing and drying and pick up the books and put them aside.  The bath was tidy and all is good! 
Day #7 - de-cluttering the dresser - another place now nicely re-organized so that I may put away items in a 'better' space.

Yesterday's tackle the electronics found even more items to sort out - and I did get the box of extra cables out of the garage and found some in the back storage room.  I'm going to keep up the scavenger hunt to find all those cables and cords before 

I am already reaping the benefits that started just about a month ago.  Writ ting about this journey has brought that conversation to some light.

Success.....  once again !  - donate box - sorting out some old linens!  
Today's Challenge - Day 28  - Don't Beat Yourself Up - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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