Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 17 - Declutter your shoe collection

So here it is - my shoe collection.  I must confess that shoes are nice, serve a purpose to protect the feet from the heat or cold; assist in the pounding that we do to them every day. 

It's plain and simple - I don't do shoes.  I'm no 'Sex in the City' shoe-oholic.  Stacked platform shoes were one thing in the 70s & 80s - yes I indulged in a few pairs.  What disco dancing diva wouldn't have a pair for each lavish outfit?

Back to earth......  The shoe caddy was purchased over a decade ago.  Shoes were disposed of that didn't fit, wouldn't wear and with 15 cubbies - I said that is enough.  This cubby was put by the front door - no shoes are allowed in the house.  You can wear slippers, just not shoes that bring in the outside into the house.  

Other than the pair I am wearing when I took the picture and a pair of sneaks that are in my gardening box, that's it.  Sad news - the pair of new sandals I purchased to celebrate this caddy, died this summer.  They were my goto sandals -  just loved them.  All of a sudden, the sole split in half!  It was over.  My feet lost a great friend.  They are still mourning the loss.

I get the whole shoe thing - the common cents (love the pun) part of me and frugal upbringing, it was easy.  You needed school shoes, play shoes, and Sunday shoes.  Really how many shoes can you wear at once?  

Shoes have great memories - back in junior high school - I met a friend, Lori, because she and I wore the same shoes we called "treads".  We are still friends today - and every so often when other folks ask about our long friendship, the story of the 'treads' is surely to come up.

This article about women's shoes is a hoot!  Thanks Men'sHealth.  

So what kind of lady are you?  

Once again Success for Day 17 - item for the box - travel stem iron

Today's Challenge - Day 18  -  Virtual Disconnect - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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