Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 24 - Focus on Yourself

Spring '14 ready to plant
This challenge isn't just about cleaning, clearing, decluttering, etc - it is about the journey.  "Don't forget to take some time to work on yourself.  Get out and exercise, eat a healthy meal, and don't forget to smile!  This is a complete transformation - home, body, mind, and soul." said the creators of this Challenge.  

Today's picture is of our plot in the community garden this past spring.  Journey's in life often follow the circle of life.  A journey needs to be enjoyed - even the rocky parts.  These past couple of weeks, I've had wonderful snippets of thought about this time here.

In my transformation of my HOME, there is a better sense of peacefulness.  Each area is moving to that level. 

In my transformation of my BODY, the up and down of three floors, well I'm getting a bit of a workout.  I'm actually finding/making time in the day to get up and move, climb the stairs a few extra times, and get outside.  I've made time to do some meal planning and have now made soup twice in the last two weeks.

In my transformation of my MIND, is how I am rethinking about my space and time on this journey.  Once again, I'm dismissing the negative that is thrown at me from others.  It's their invitation to join them at this low, energy draining level.  I look around myself, take a deep breath, and once again all is good.

In my transformation of my SOUL, ah realizing that each day, the laugh I give to another, a smile, solution, and joy also enrich me.  

Day 24 - peaceful day of reflecting - Donate Box - several containers when I cleared out another space in the Kitchen (#21).

Today's Challenge - Day 25  -  Declutter the unusual spots - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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