Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Several Days Aching

When all is well, I'm like the energizer bunny.  I have learned to juggle many items over the years.  I'm the one that is busy, yet can find a few moments to help out at a local fundraiser, run an event, and help out a neighbor in need.

Last Friday I had a halt to the fun and enjoyment that was going along this holiday season.  All of a sudden, my body crashed into the ground.  Call it my School of Grace & Charm.  I took a fall for nothing other than not watching exactly where I was going.  Let me tell you, don't try this at home.  

It was dark and I was retrieving my car on a dark street.  Did I say it was dark?  I didn't see the seam of the apron and driveway and went down.  A fall, dropping the box I was carrying had me land and slide on my left knee, then smack my mid-section on part of the box and onto the pavement.  I'm still recovering.  Scraped knee, bruised ribs, and a healthy dose of realty.  

I'm just fine except for the lingering aches.  I'll be back to writing tomorrow.  Thanks  for listening.  Now that I'm up and about - I'm back to the Challenge, just at a slower pace :)

Today's Challenge - Day 26  -  Tackle the Electronics - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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