Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 25 - Declutter the unusual spots

What are unusual spots? The dictionary says "remarkable or interesting because different from or better than others".  I guess there could be spaces like under the stairs, behind something, in the raffters. or under the sink.  Lucky or not, living in an open space layout doesn't leave much that could fall into an unusual spot.

If I use the under-the-stairs as an example - the only place is in the basement.  It is enclosed as if it was a closet - when I moved in I had Bob, my handyman, build shelving into and round the studs, and that became the supply closet for the office.  That space is always kept tidy.

Upstairs is a settee and I put stuff behind it.  The other day I moved that 'stuff' out and to the staging space I have for that project.  It should have never put it behind there in the first place!  

Attic or such - I don't have one that is usable and as for under the sink  - all four are great.  Kitchen there are a few cleaners; the half bath, other than waste basket there is nothing; under the guest bath is where I store the supply of tissues and lightbulbs and the master bath there is a seldom used hair dryer, waste basket and nothing else.

So not to let this Challenge day get off easy - I went back to the Kitchen #21.  I began the two drawers that I keep the plastic storage containers and towels in.  Wow - rematched the bottoms and tops, determined 'really' how many do I need, the drawers were done......  except that led me to the Garage - there was two boxes of storage containers there!  Not to leave this part of the chore incomplete.  I brought them in, when through, ran some through the dishwasher and consolidated down to one box with room in it!  Some were recycled and others were put in the donate box

Not only was the drawers complete - there is a space on the shelving in the garage where I cleared away that one box and then found I had an empty box(?) up there.  That must have been one of those "save it just in case".  

Success for Day 25 - cleared away mismatched storage containers and re-open space in garage.  Item for Donate Box -- some extra storage containers that I won't be using any longer  and  a whole pile of mismatched containers that went to recycling.

PS if you are wondering where the cleaning supplies are - I have a bucket that all the supplies are kept in.  Unopened supplies are stored in the garage.

PSS stay tuned - the garage will be a big event and will happen in the next four weeks as I have guests coming and I need the garage to move furniture in order to host this event.

Today's Challenge - Day 26  -  Tackle your electronics - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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