Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 30 - Wrap Up

It's been a true journey this past 30 days.  It has been about expanding myself, being present in the day, looking to the future, no 'stuff' around, and it is about who I am.  It's about me, lol, for a change.  Instead of me running about for everyone else, it's about getting a few more moments for me - everyone wins.  I'm thankful for the discipline and for the authors of this challenge  / .  I'm thankful to give this gift to me as it is a gift that no one could give to me.

I will repeat some of the day's challenges.  Day 5, donate clothing; Day 6, clean up the mail; Day 8, pick one corner; Day 24, the kitchen; Day 25, declutter the unusual - ahhh the garage.  Those are the major ones that I will concentrate on between now and the end of January.  

I've begun a snowflake challenge - make one/two snowflakes a week - crochet or tatted.  Yesterday I stopped in my tracks, found the ones I made a while ago, gathered it together and viola - I've my own challenge.  Somehow I remember several other stars or snowflakes that I made...  will continue to search for them.  In the mean time, I'll make more.  Yesterday I made three!  I've found new sources for patterns and have books from my studio for further inspiration.  I've printed and saved lots of patterns without any plan...  now I have the plan!  

As with the first day of the Challenge - it is about what you want for yourself.  It's a methodology - I had one decision to make - to do it or not.  Can you look out 30 days from now?  That was the question I asked myself when I began this just before Thanksgiving.  What do I want for me, my space, my soul...It was easy to answer - do the challenge.

Success for today and for the last 30 days - Nice to take time to reflect.  Thanks for reading along.  I will continue to write about these success each week.  Thank you - I appreciate you being in the corner for me :)  Continue to find one item to put in the donate box.

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