Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 23 - Take Your Time

This is about this coming evening,  taking my time with everything and once I am done - is to turn off my mental checklist.

It's been a BIG day!  I did a little more with clearing the floors (#22) on the lower level.   I brought down a room divider to the lower level as I have some projects that can not be tackled at this moment - so behind the divider they go!  At least for now, out of sight - keeps the space more relaxed.  I'm feeling like these three little guys.  There is just something truly happy about them.

Not so happy is this bad habit of mine of bits n' pieces of paper - I can drive myself nuts and I agree, I do it to myself.  So I began to sort paper.  With this challenge, from the upper two floors, I've been shuffling paper down stairs.  Today - I needed to get ruthless again.  It was easy -  something I need to do with it (record it, scan it, etc)  ~or~ something to consider ~or~ toss it to be shredded!  So I set my sights at getting as much of it done as possible today.  I must say it was pretty good day.  There is approximately 3-4" of it left.  I just couldn't sit there and sort any longer. 

Ok- the room divider is in place, then decided that I would continue to decorate finish the box of items I took out for decorating.  Yeah - the balance of the wreaths were hung, table scape set on the side table.  I went through some of the boxes of other ornaments (sentimental #16) and 'stuff'  and found several ornaments and a tree stand that I don't need!  

On my way up, drop off the balance of the items to go upstairs, turn on the laundry and ..... relax!

Thanks - there is a spirit with me..... I'm celebrating!  Sing along with these guys :)

Day 23 - yes, now that this post is done, I'm going to go and relax for the evening.  Item for the donate box - tree stand, ornaments, more small jars (were in dishwasher to get clean).  

Today's Challenge - Day 24  -  Focus On Yourself - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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