Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 28 - Don't Beat Yourself Up

It was cleaning day and each month I splurge with help from a housekeeper.  It is a pleasure, and when it is done, the joy I feel that all items are in their place, is priceless.  It's the smell of laundry completed, sparkling baths, and how the rugs look just after they are vacuumed.  It makes me smile.

Beating yourself up is such a waste of time.  The monthly cleaning routine is how I rid myself of the beating I did over cleaning.   My experience is that I didn't get some part of it done I thought I could.  Then I would apply the guilt and because of procrastination of the decision in the first place...  add up those minutes....  jeez.  

I've learned that this once a month routine helps me keep it all in some semblance of order.  If I can get a few more items done, like the laundry out of the way earlier, then we can get a few bonus projects completed.  Part of this months' project was to empty the linen closet.  Yeah!

Cleaning day is trauma day for the cat, KC, aka Her Majesty.  She doesn't like the vacuum and her napping places are disturbed.  It takes a day or two for her to settle back into her routine.  Then all is good in her kingdom.  

Some of the beat yourself up is your expectation you believe that others have of you.  Aah, unless you asked them, then you really don't know.  I catch myself ocassionally getting stuck here.  So now I  back step andrevert to some positive self talk - 'get it done'.  The 'it' can be anything, I now need to do something.  When 'it' is complete, the beat yourself up feelings have disappeared.  

Day 28 - reflection - successful - donate box - gets some linens.

Today's Challenge - Day 29  - Try something new - and - find one item to put in the donate box.

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